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Required to Complete

Blue Thunder 20% Fuel (quart)
500cc Fuel bottle  
Fast Tap Quart Bottle Spout
Glow Plug Wrench 
Ni-Cd Glow Driver 
12 “AA” alkaline batteries (8 for transmitter and 4 for receiver)
Clear 3M tape to seal radio box
Cable grease to lubricate drive

A nitro-powered, accurately detailed 1/12-scale replica of the Unlimited U-8 that's ready to run right out of the box.

On the heels of the enormously popular Miss Budweiser RTR comes Miss LLumar, a nitro-powered, accurately detailed 1/12-scale replica of Unlimited legend U-8 that’s ready to run right out of the box. This great-looking hydro is every bit as detailed as its sibling.

Along with its prepainted fiberglass composite hull and corrosion-resistant stainless steel running hardware, Miss LLumar offers a new extended flex shaft that allows for a larger prop selection and increased performance. And Pro Boat’s high-performance tuned exhaust system helps drivers extract every last bit of power from the factory-installed Dynamite .15 water-cooled marine engine. The result is a boat that will literally rip across the water at speeds of over 30 mph.

The Miss LLumar benefits from Pro Boat's 2-channel AM radio system that comes factory-installed. It offers drivers easy-to-use features such as servo reversing and analog steering rate adjustment.


  • Bright yellow color scheme
  • Reliable and easy-to-start Dynamite .15 engine
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Includes a Pro Boat pistol grip 27MHz AM radio
  • Ready to run, right from the box


27.5 in
14 in
Engine Size:
Over 30 mph
Pro Boat's pistol-grip 2-channel system (preinstalled)
Hull Material:
Fiberglass composite
Trim Scheme Colors:
Bright Yellow and White
Prop Size:
Octura Y534
Hull Type:
Drive System:
Coupler/ Flex Shaft
Tuned pipe

Parts & Accessories

Completion Guides Basic   (See All)

  • Metered Glow Driver with Ni-Cd & Charger

  • Fast Fill Fuel Bottle, 500cc

  • Blue Thunder Sport 20%, Quart

  • Nitro Wrench

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • Exhaust Cover:1/12 hydro

  • Fuel Tank: 1/12 hydro, BJ26

  • Manifold: 1/12 hydro

  • Tuned Pipe: 1/12 hydro

Building Tools   (See All)

  • Machined Hex Driver, Red: 1.5mm

  • Machined Hex Driver, Red: 2.0mm

  • 3 in 1 Tuning Screwdriver

Pit/Field Equipment   (See All)

  • Metered Glow Driver with Ni-Cd & Charger

  • McCoy MC59 Power Plugs (2)


Speeds approaching 30 mph are...

The high-performance tuned...

The new extended flex shaft...