Retrieval Decoy: Waterfowl and RC Boat Retrieval Device
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Retrieval Decoy 2.4 RTR V2



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The Ultimate Radio-Controlled Duck Decoy and Retrieval System.

The Pro Boat® retrieval decoy provides waterfowl hunters with an easy method of retrieving downed waterfowl without disturbing their hunting area. Designed to mimic the look and actions of real ducks, the decoy combines a realistic-looking decoy body with intricate feather detail and a ducted propeller propulsion system that allows the decoy to run in as little as an inch of water without hanging up on debris. In addition to its stunning realism, the decoy comes with a Pro Boat 2.4GHz radio system for extended range (100+ yards), interference-free radio operation and auto-channel selection, which allows several decoys to operate simultaneously.

In addition to being the ultimate waterfowl hunting tool, the retrieval decoy can safely and securely retrieve adrift RC boats.  Thanks to the included retrieval gaff, RC boating enthusiasts no longer have to swim or use the tennis-ball-and-fishing-pole method of retrieving RC boats that have flipped or malfunctioned.  Minus the transmitter batteries (4 AA), everything needed to get started is in the box, including a Pro Boat 2.4GHz transmitter, retrieval gaff, retrieval decoy, battery and charger. 


  • Highly-detailed mallard duck body
  • Retrieval gaff (included) used to recover downed waterfowl or RC boats
  • Comes ready-to-run with everything you need to get started (minus 4 AA batteries for the transmitter)
  • Spektrum™ 2.4GHz marine technology provides interference-free operation and extended range
  • Rechargeable long-life battery with charger (included)
  • Magnetic hatch provides easy access to radio compartment and electronics
  • Sealed inner hull protects electronics from getting wet
  • Fully-proportional throttle and steering control
  • Works great in conjunction with standard decoys
  • Interference-free operation and extended range provide the ability to maintain positioning in your duck blind while safely operating your decoy
  • Once the downed waterfowl hits the water, the decoy can safely tow waterfowl back to shore while not disturbing your hunting area, allowing you to retrieve your query without being seen by incoming flocks
  • Actively attract mallards while staying out of sight and inherently improving your overall hunting experience
  • The powerful 380-size motor allows for operation in most current conditions


13 inch (330mm)
6.5 inch (165mm)
Motor Size:
380-size water-cooled
2.4GHz marine pistol-grip
Speed Control:
Waterproof 30-amp with reverse
7.2V 1200mAh 2/3A Ni-MH (Charger: 110-230V AC 2-hour)

Parts & Accessories

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • 7.2V 1200mAh Ni-MH Battery w/EC3: Minis

  • Mini Servo, Water Proof

  • 2A NiMH AC Charger

  • ECX 2.4GHz Transmitter, 2-Channel V1

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • 7.2V 1600mAh NiMH Battery, EC3: Minis

  • 7.2V 1750mAh NiMH Battery, EC3: Minis

  • Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M)

  • Grease Gun with Marine Grease 5 oz













PRODUCT RECALL: Dynamite 2A NiMH AC Chargers (DYN4113) Sold In Canada as part of the Pro Boat Retrieval Decoy 2.4 RTR (PRB3650B)

June 4, 2013

Product: Dynamite 2A NiMH AC Charger (DYN4113)

Defect Issue: This product recall addresses the Dynamite 2A NiMH AC Charger. This charger has not been evaluated for any Canadian Standards and does not bear any recognized certification mark. Horizon Hobby is recalling this product from the Canadian marketplace.

What To Do: Return the product to Horizon Hobby by following the process detailed under Corrective Action below. Consumers following the process will receive a check in the amount of $14.99 USD approximately 14–21 days after the charger is returned. Retailers returning this product will receive a credit for the dealer NET.

Corrective Action

    • Please complete the electronic Return Request form by clicking here or pasting this link ( into your browser.
    • Upon receipt of the completed form, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you via email. If no email address is provided on the Return Request form, the shipping label will be mailed to you. Return your charger (not the battery pack or any other part of the product), along with a printed copy of the completed Return Request form. Upon receipt of the product, Horizon Hobby will issue a check in the amount of $14.99 USD. Please allow 14–21 days for processing and delivery.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Horizon disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product recall.

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