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The central Solo techniques that all good flyers use are brought to the forefront and systematically assembled to enable beginning R/C pilots to achieve Solo in the shortest amount of time.

Utilizing the DAS System, techniques designed to bypass common errors and enhance practice effectiveness focus the pilot's attention on controlling what the airplane does instead of reacting to it. (Consider that when a pilot applies his or her control inputs correctly to begin with, the need for additional corrections is less likely, and the more time there will be to focus on learning and the next maneuver.)

Presented in an easy to follow crawl-walk-run format, lessons are explained in terms of what to do, how to do it, and why it is done this way to make the lessons easier to remember and incorporate into actual practice.

Developed over 20 years professionally training student pilots how to fly in less than a week, One Week To Solo covers everything a novice pilot needs to know to quickly start flying with skill and confidence.

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