Sea Fury .91-120 ARF



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Required to Complete

Engine .91 - 1.20 2 or 4-stroke engine

Radio: Minimum 6 channels with 9 servos (including 1 retract servo).  7 channel and above would make the installation easier

Mechanical Main Gear retracts are included with this ARF.



66.0 in. (1680mm)
Overall Length:
59.0 in. (1500mm)
Wing Area:
842 sq in (54.3 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
9.9-11.0 lbs. (4.5-5.0 kg)
Engine Size:
.91 - 1.20 2 or 4-stroke engine
Minimum 6 channel (7 channel and above would make programming easier)
Minimum 9 servos (1 retract, 8 standard torque)
Trim Scheme Colors:
Light Gray (U882), Olive Drab (U904), Black (U874)
CG (center of gravity):
2.25 - 2.75" (6-7cm) back at the wing tip
Minimum Age Recommendation:
14 years
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
Is Assembly Required:

Parts & Accessories

Completion Guides Recommended Radio Equipment   (See All)

  • 791 Hi-Torque Lo-Profile MG Retract Servo

  • Deluxe 3-Wire Switch Harness

  • Standard Servo Extension 9"

  • Standard Servo Extension 12"

Completion Guides 2-Stroke Glow   (See All)

  • 13mm Muffler Extension Evo120Nx

  • Evolution Propeller 16x6

  • Evolution 1.20NX Glow with Muffler

Completion Guides 4-Stroke Glow   (See All)

  • Evolution Propeller 16x6

  • FA-125A AAC with Muffler: AG

Completion Guides 2-stroke Gas   (See All)

  • Evolution Propeller 16x6

  • Spektrum 3-Wire Switch Harness

  • 2700mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack

Completion Guides 4 -stroke gas   (See All)

  • Evolution Propeller 16x6

  • FG-21(1.26) 4-Stroke Gas Engine: BN

  • Spektrum 3-Wire Switch Harness

  • LiPo Receiver Pack 1350mAh

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • UltraCote, Black

  • UltraCote, Light Gray

  • UltraCote, Olive Drab

  • Fuselage: Sea Fury .91-120 ARF