Blade 120 SR BNF



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DSM2 4+ Channel Transmitter

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Parts Listing

Replacement Servo Mechanics: 120SR

5-n-1 Control Unit,Rx/Servos/ESCs/Mixer/Gyro:120SR

Tail Boom Assembly w/Motor, Mount and Rotor: 120SR

Main Motor with Pinion: 120SR

Landing Skid (left and right): 120SR

Main Frame with Hardware: 120SR

Main Gear: 120SR

Carbon Fiber Main Shaft with Hardware: 120SR

Servo Pushrod Set with Ball Link (2): 120SR

Complete Precision Swashplate: 120SR

Anti-Rotation Collar with Hardware: 120SR

Mixing Flybar:120SR

Main Rotor Hub with Hardware: 120SR

Feathering Spindle w/ O-rings and Bushings: 120SR

Main Blade Grips with Hardware: 120SR

Rotor Head Linkage Set (4): 120SR

Main Rotor Blade Set with Hardware: 120SR

Tail Rotor (1): 120SR

Complete Canopy with Grommets: 120SR

Vertical Fin with Decal: 120SR

Canopy Mounting Grommets (8): 120SR

Hardware Set: 120SR

Battery Mount: 120SR

Front and Rear Carbon Fiber Body Mount: 120SR

Tail Motor Protective Sleeve: 120SR

JST-RCY to Ultra Micro Battery Adapter Lead

5-in-1 Control Unit Cover: 120SR

Main Shaft Bearing 4x7x2: 120SR

Tail Motor: 120SR

Tail Boom and Mount Only: 120SR

AC to 6VDC 1.5-Amp Power Supply

E-flite AC to 6VDC supply for Celectra 4-Port and Celectra 1-Cell Variable Rate Li-Po Chargers

Celectra 1S 3.7 Variable Rate DC Li-Po Charger