Mach 2.19T Replacement Engine for Traxxas Vehicle



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Optional Accessories

Pro Fuel Filter

Big Daddy Fuel Filter, Red

Big Daddy Fuel Filter, Blue

Big Daddy Fuel Filter, Titanium

Blue Thunder Sport 20%, Quart

Blue Thunder Race Formula 20%, Quart

Monster Truck Plug .18-.46 Low Nitro

Monster Truck Plug .18-.46 Medium Nitro

Sport Glow Plugs: .12-.15

Mini Infrared Thermometer/Temp Gun

Mini Infrared Thermometer

Complete Air Filter System: .21

3-In-1 Tuning Screwdriver

Ready-Start DM Starter Box Universal

1/8 and 1/10-Scale Dual-Motor Nitro Starter Box

Blue Block After Run Oil Dispenser 20cc