7.2V 1750mAh NiMH Battery, EC3: Minis



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The "7.2V 1750mAh NiMH Battery, EC3: Minis" is used in the following:
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Used In...

Miss GEICO 17 2.4 Catamaran RTR
(PRB0300) as a Hop-Ups

Long on Looks. Short on Equals.

Impulse 17 2.4 Deep-V RTR
(PRB0400) as a Hop-Ups

For the Thrill of It.

Miss Geico 17-inch Catamaran Brushed: RTR
(PRB08019) as a Hop-Ups

Impulse 17-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR
(PRB08020) as a Hop-Ups