Magnum Force 2 Motor Spray, 13 oz



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The "Magnum Force 2 Motor Spray, 13 oz" is used in the following:
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Used In...

Impulse 9
(PRB08000) as a Optional Accessories

Blackjack 9
(PRB08001) as a Optional Accessories

Rockstar 48
(PRB09000) as a Optional Accessories

The Rockstar 48 inch catamaran is the fastest way to achieve RC rockstar status. Equipped with a ferocious R.O.S.S.™ enabled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine on a massive lightweight hull, you don’t get much bigger, faster, and sleeker than this.

Volere 22 EP RTR V2
(PRB3050B) as a Optional Accessories

Almost 50 years old and still turning heads. Put the luxury and elegance of Pro Boat's ready-to-run Volere on the lake or on the mantel.

(PRB9INBUNDLE) as a Optional Accessories