.32 Marine Inboard Engine



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Due Mid November, 2014

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PRB2055 - Manifold: SW36

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Parts Listing

Front Bearing: Mach 26, Mach 28, .32M, L427

Cylinder Head: .32M

O-Ring Set: .32M

Head Button: .32M

Head Gasket .1mm: .32M

Head Gasket .2mm: .32M

Piston/Sleeve: .32M

Wrist Pin: .32M

Connecting Rod Set: .32M

Rotary Carburetor: .32M

Rear Bearing: .32M

Crankshaft Nut: .32M

Crankcase: .32M

Crankshaft: .32M

Pullstart Complete: .32M

Pullstart Front Set: .32M

Throttle Barrel Screw: .32M

Idle Speed Lock Nut .32

Carburetor Body: .32M

Throttle Barrel: .32M

Low Speed Needle Valve: .32M

Throttle Arm: .32M

Throttle Arm Nut: .32M

Throttle Barrel Spring: .32M

Hi Speed Needle Valve: .32M

Spray Bar: .32M

PS Screw Set: .32M

PS One-Way Bearing: .32M