.15S Water Cooled, Universal Marine



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.15S Water Cooled, Universal Marine

The .15S builds on the success of the .12S design and adds extra displacement and a water-cooling jacket to the head so it is even better suited to inboard designs that don't allow for a lot of airflow to the engine.

Connecting Rod:12S,12SPD,15S

Head Shims, .01, .02,: 12SPD, 15S

Screw Set: 12S, 12SPD, 15 without Pull Start

PS Uni-Crankshaft:12S,SPD,15S

Flywheel Hub:12S,12SPD,15S

Crankshaft Nut:12S,12SPD,15S

Rear Bearing:12S,12SPD,15S

Pull Starter, Complete:12S,12SPD,15S

PS Backplate:12S,12SPD,15S

PS Oneway Bearing:12S/12SPD,15S

PS Shaft:12S/12SPD,15S

PS Cushion Spring:12S/12SPD,15S

PS Screw Set:12S/12SPD,15S

Pull Start Handle with Cotter and Extension, 15S

Pull Start Recoil Spring: 12S/12SPD, 15S

Pull Start Rope/Pully: 12S/12SPD, 15S

Pro Mix Carb: 12S, 15S

The Pro Mix™ carburetor features a racing style, slotted screw high-speed needle adjustment, with adjustable banjo nipple position, and a rubber seal on the throttle barrel.

Carb Body with Spray Bar, 15S

Throttle Barrel, Pro Mix, 15S

Throttle Barrel Boot, 15S

Throttle Arm with Nut, Pro Mix, 15S

High Speed Needle Valve, 15S

High Speed Needle Holder, 15S

High Speed Assembly Washer, 15S

Fuel Inlet Nipple,Pro Mix,15S

Low Speed Needle Valve,15S

Idle Screw with Spring, 15S

Carburetor Cinch Bolt, 15S

Throttle Barrel Spring, 15S

O-Ring, Complete Set: 12S SPD, 15S

Water-Cooled Cylinder Head: DYN 15S

Piston Pin with 2 Clips: DYN 15S

Combustion Chamber: DYN 15S

Crankcase: DYN 15S

O Ring Set: DYN 15S

Piston/Cylinder Set: DYN 15S