Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M)



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The "Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M)" is used in the following:
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Used In...

Miss GEICO 17 2.4 Catamaran RTR
(PRB0300) as a Optional Accessories

Long on Looks. Short on Equals.

Impulse 17 2.4 Deep-V RTR
(PRB0400) as a Optional Accessories

For the Thrill of It.

Impulse 9
(PRB08000) as a Optional Accessories

Blackjack 9
(PRB08001) as a Optional Accessories

Blackjack 24-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR
(PRB08007) as a Optional Accessories

From its deceiving size to its distinctive trim, the Blackjack™ 24 catamaran is sure to leave the competition stupefied. With its powerful 2000Kv brushless motor, 30A ESC and precision servo, this catamaran leaves more expensive boats in your wake.

Rockstar 48
(PRB09000) as a Optional Accessories

The Rockstar 48 inch catamaran is the fastest way to achieve RC rockstar status. Equipped with a ferocious R.O.S.S.™ enabled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine on a massive lightweight hull, you don’t get much bigger, faster, and sleeker than this.

Volere 22 EP RTR V2
(PRB3050B) as a Optional Accessories

Almost 50 years old and still turning heads. Put the luxury and elegance of Pro Boat's ready-to-run Volere on the lake or on the mantel.

Miss GEICO 29 BL Cat 2.4 RTR V2
(PRB4100B) as a Optional Accessories

Get Your Gecko On.

Blackjack 29 BL RTR
(PRB4150) as a Optional Accessories

Make Your Own Luck.

Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR
(PRB4250) as a Completion Guides

Welcome Race Fans

Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2
(PRB4250B) as a Optional Accessories

Impulse power

Steerix Rocker F1 Hydroplane Boat RTR 17"
(STX18007) as a Optional Accessories

Take off—it’s boating Season!