Torment 1/18th 4WD Short Course Truck RTR



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Parts Listing

7.2V 1200mAh Ni-MH Battery, Long w/EC3: Minis

Dynamite Battery 1-Year Limited Warranty – ALL of our Dynamite Nickel and Lithium-chemistry rechargeable batteries are covered. See terms and conditions. (US and Canada Only)

Note: THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL 900mAh Battery. This is a replacement for included battery.

Prophet Sport NiMH 35W AC Charger

Note: THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL CHARGER. This is a replacement for included charger.

Tazer 380 Motor

ECX 2.4GHz Transmitter, 2-Channel V2

Mini ESC/RX, 2.4GHz, WP

Body Set, Decorated: 1/18 4WD Torment

Body Set, Decorated, Red/Orange: 1:18 4WD Torment

Chassis Set: 1/18 4WD All

Bumper Set: 1/18 4WD Torment

Body Mount Set: 1/18 4WD All

Front Transmission, Assembled: 1/18 4WD All

AssembledTransmission,Rear:1/18th 4WD; All

Pinion & Spur Gear Set: 1/18 4WD All

Complete Driveshaft Set: 1/18 4WD All

Wheel Hex Set: 1/18 4WD All

Slipper Assembly: 1/18 4WD All

Center Driveshaft Assembly: 1/18 4WD All

Motor Mount: 1/18 4WD All

Complete Shock Set: 1/18 4WD All

Suspension Arm Set: 1/18 4WD All

Spindle, Hub & Carrier Set: 1/18 4WD All

Link Set, Plastic: 1/18th 4WD; All

Servo Saver Set: 1/18 4WD All

Hingepin Set: 1/18 4WD All

Complete Hardware Set: 1/18 4WD All

Complete Bearing & Bushing Set: 1/18 4WD All

FF/RR Premount Tire: 1/18 4WD Torment (2)

Replacement Mini Servo