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Optional Accessories

Drive Shaft Ring (4)

These Electrix RC driveshaft rings prevent distortion of the driveshaft yokes (on the ends of the shafts). They are most beneficial when using a hop up motor that puts more stress on these parts.

Pit Stop Kit: Includes Miscellaneous Hardware

Pinion Gear Set: 17T. 18T, 19T, 20T, 21T x 48P

Crystal Set 1 26.995

Crystal Set 2 27.045

Crystal Set 3 27.095

Crystal Set 4 27.145: Circuit

Crystal Set 5 27.195: Circuit

Crystal Set 6 27.255

Universal Battery Strap (1): 1:10 2wd All

Note: Needed to use the 7-Cell Hump Pack.

Clear Body U-Finish: Boost

Electrix RC Startup Tool Set