2WD 1/18 Smash Monster Truck Blue



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7.2V 1200mAh NiMh Battery/Charger Combo: Minis

Prophet Sport II AC/DC Peak Charger

Spur Gear Bag: Mini-T, MDT

Pinion Gear Bag: Mini-T, MDT

BB Kit 4x8mm (8): Mini-T, MDT, MLST/2, MRAM

Aluminum Shock Set: Mini-T

Rear Shock Springs (3pr): Mini-T, MDT

Mini-T owners can now choose from three different spring rates in order to best fine-tune the performance of their truck. Each set contains three pairs of springs in Soft, Medium and Firm rates.

Ball Differential with Outdrive BB: Mini-T, MDT

DD Slipper 60T Spur Gear: Mini-T

RX-280 Motor: MDT, Slider MB

Servo Saver, Hitec HS-55: Mini-T, MDT

Titanium Turnbuckle Set (6) MT, MDT

CV Drive Shaft Set: Mini-T,MDT, Mini-Baja

MIP CVD Set: Losi 1/18 2WD

Pinion Gear Set, 9T-12T: Mini Vehicles

Pinion Gear Set, 13T-16T: Mini Vehicles

Pinion Gear Set, 17T-20T: Mini Vehicles

Pinion Gear Set, 14T, 16T, 18T, 20T: Mini Vehicles

Pinion Set Screw w/Wrench (5): Mini Vehicles

Extended Body Mounts: Mini-T