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Required to Complete

6-channel transmitter (for proper mixing and dual rate capabilities)
Micro receiver 
3 sub-micro servos
10A Brushless ESC
9x3.8 Slow Flyer Prop
Battery & Charger

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Completion Guides—Required Electronics and Common Accessories

Foam Safe CA 1 oz/Activator, 2 oz. Combo Pack

Park Flyer Tool Assortment, 5 pc

E-flite™ introduces a handy and inexpensive 5-piece tool set with storage pouch, designed for electric park flyer pilots.

Celectra 1-3 Cell LiPo DC Charger

The Celectra™ is a DC-powered charger meant only for 1-, 2- or 3-cell (3.7V–11.1V) lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery packs and features a microchip CPU controller with an LED to display the charge status.

6.0-Gram Super Sub-Micro S60 Servo

DX7 DSM2 7-Channel Microlite Radio w/3-S285

Now you can enjoy all the benifits of the DX7, but get it with parkflyer servos and receiver.

AR6300 DSM2 Nanolite 6-Channel Receiver FlightPack