Mini Ultra Stick ARF



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Required to Complete

Brushless Motor
Brushless ESC
4+ Ch Radio
4 Sub-micro Servos
Servo Extensions & Y-harness
4 to 6-Ch Receiver
Li-Po Battery
Li-Po Charger

Propper throttle management is required when using high performance setups. Using this setup with 3 cells will give your plenty of power for zippy flights.
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Completion Guides—High Power Setup (using gearbox)

Spinner, 1-3/4", Red

Note: optional spinner

20-Amp Brushless ESC (V2)

For Unparalleled Sensorless Brushless Performance

Park 400 Brushless Inrunner Motor, 4200Kv

11 x 7 Slow Flyer Propeller (2)

2100mAh 3 Cell 11.1V LiPo, 16 Gauge

Thunder Power "ProLite" Super Energy Lithium Polymer

Note: High discharge cells