Mini Ultra Stick ARF



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Required to Complete

Brushless Motor
Brushless ESC
4+ Ch Radio
4 Sub-micro Servos
Servo Extensions & Y-harness
4 to 6-Ch Receiver
Li-Po Battery
Li-Po Charger

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Parts Listing

Wing with Ailerons:Mini UltraStick

Fuselage:Mini UltraStick

Tail Set:Mini UltraStick

Pushrod Set:Mini UltraStick

Landing Gear:Mini UltraStick

Firewall Set:Mini UltraStick

Hatch:Mini UltraStick

Micro Pushrod Keepers (2)

Micro Control Connectors (2)

Micro Control Horns (2) (V2)

E-flite/JR/Horizon Logo Decals

Decal sheet with E-flie, JR, and Horizon logos for flying enthusiasts.