Blade CP Pro 2 RTF Electric Micro Helicopter



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JST Female and 2 JST Male Parallel Y-Harness

20-Amp Brushless ESC (V2)

For Unparalleled Sensorless Brushless Performance

Vertical Tail Support: BCP, BCPP

Head Dampening Shim (8): BCP, BCPP, B400

Flat Bottom Main Blade Set: BCP

Sym Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blade Set: BCP, P, P2

Aluminum Swashplate Set: BCP, BCPP

Complete Aluminum Main Rotor Head Set: BCP/+/P

Aluminum Center Hub Set: BCP/+/P

Retaining Pin & Keeper,Alum Center Hub (4):BCP/+/P

Flybar Seesaw Set, Aluminum Rotor Head: BCP/+/P

Aluminum Paddle Control Frame Set: BCP/+/P

Stainless Flybar, Aluminum Head: BCP/+/P

Aluminum Bell Mixer Upgrade Blade Grip Set:BCP/+/P

Spindle Washer & Cone Washer (4),Alum Grip:BCP/+/P

Alum&CompositePaddleControlFramePushrod St:BCP/+/P

Body/Canopy, White without Decals: BCP/P

Stabilizer/Fin Set, Carbon Fiber: BCPP2

Park 370 Brushless Inrunner Motor, 4100Kv

Heat Sink, 20x20mm: Park 400 Inrunner

Pinion Gear, 8T 0.5 Module 2mm ID

3" Y-Harness, Lightweight

A lightweight line of servo extension leads and a Y-harness for use with lightweight aircraft, where minimizing flying weight is important for ultimate flight performance.

CNC Main Frame with Aluminum Landing Gear: BCP/P

CNC Main Frame: BCP/PRO

CNC Blade Grips w/Double BB Mixing Arms: BCPP/SR

CNC Blade Gripsw/Double BB Mixing Arms,Bl:BCP,SR

Metal Balls, Head System: BCP/PRO

CNC Head Button,Blue:Blade CP/PRO

Precision CNC Head: BCP/P

MicroHeli's Precision CNC Head System - Blade CP/CP Pro, Venom Night Ranger 3D

Precision CNC Head System, Blue: BCP/P

Hardware Set: MHECP002HS3

Linkage Rod End Set: MHECP002HS3

Black Steel Spindle Shaft: BCP/P

Stainless Steel Main Shaft:MHECP001

Strong Stainless Steel Main Shaft: Blade CP/CP Pro

FRP Main Blades:BCP/PRO/SR

Delux Main Blade Holder: BCP/PRO

Carbon Fiber Main Blades:BCP/PRO

CNC Main Gear w/Auto-Rotation Hub: BCP/P


Main Gear:BCP/P


910mAh 3S 11.1V G6 Pro Lite 25C LiPo, JST