Blade CP Pro 2 RTF Electric Micro Helicopter



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Parts Listing

3x6x2.5 Bearing (2)

800mAh 3S 11.1V 15C LiPo, 20AWG JST/Balance

3-Cell LiPo Balancing Charger, 0.8A

2-in-1 Control Unit,Mixer/High-Power ESC:BCPP2

HP6DSM 6-Channel Transmitter, 2.4GHz DSM2: BCPP2

Mounting Accessories & Wrench: BCP, BCPP

Main & Tail Motor Wire Set: BCP, BCPP

Retaining Pin (6): BCP, BCPP

Canopy Mount Rod & Grommet Set: BCP, BCPP

Spindle: BCP, BCPP

Center Hub & Spindle Set: BCP, BCPP

Rotor Head Set: BCP, BCPP

Symmetrical Main Blade Set: BCP, BCPP

Paddle Control Frame: BCP, BCPP

Flybar (2): BCP, BCPP

Paddle Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR

Pitch Control Link Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR

Swashplate Set: BCP, BCPP

Servo Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP

Battery Support Set: BCP, BCPP

Main Shaft & Drive Gear: BCPP

Landing Skid Set: BCP, BCPP

O-Ring & Tubing Set: BCP, BCPP, B400

Hardware Set: BCP, BCPP

Tail Boom: BCP, BCPP

Paddle Control Frame Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR

Main Shaft Retaining Collar: BCP, BCPP

Flybar Weight (2): BCP, BCPP, BSR

Main Frame Assembly: BCP

Tail motor mount will not fit the CP Pro 2.

Main Frame: BCP, BCPP

Bell Mixer Main Blade Grip Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR

Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR

High-Power 370 Main Motor Brush & Spring Set:BCPP2

High-Power 370 Main Motor Heat Sink: BCPP2

High-Power 370 Motor with 8T 0.5M Pinion: BCPP2

Body/Canopy, Fade with Decals: BCPP2

Direct-Drive N60 Tail Motor Heat Sink: BCPP2 BSR

Direct-Drive Tail Motor Conversion Kit: BCP/+/P

Note: Includes part #'s EFLH1321, EFLH1322, EFLH1323 and EFLH1324

Direct-Drive Tail Motor Mount: BCPP2

Direct-Drive N60 Tail Motor: BCPP2 BSR

Direct-Drive Tail Rotor Blade/Prop Adapter: BCPP2

Direct-Drive Tail Rotor Blade/Prop: BCPP2

Horizontal Stabilizer/Fin Mount: BCPP2

Stabilizer/Fin Set, White: BCPP2 BSR

Gear Set: DS75, DS75H

7.5-Gram DS75 Digital Sub-Micro Helicopter Servo

11.0-Gram G110 Micro Heading Lock Gyro

DSM2 6CH Replacement Receiver for Blade Heli

6-channel replacement receiver for Blade helicopters