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Parts Listing

150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery

1-Cell 3.7V 0.3A DC Li-Po Charger

Blade MLP4DSM 4CH Transmitter, 2.4GHz: BMCX2

Replacement Servo Mechanics: Short Throw

Servo Retaining Collars: BMCX/2/MSR,FHX,MH-35

Inner Shaft Main Gear: BMCX/2/T,FHX,MH-35

Outer Shaft & Main Gear Set: BMCX/2/T, FHX, MH-35

Outer Shaft Retaining Collar:BMCX/2/T,FHX,MH-35

OuterShaft Bearing 3x6x2mm(2):BMCX/2/MSR,FHX,MCP X

Lower Rotor Head & Linkage Set: BMCX/2/T,FHX,MH-35

Servo Pushrod Set: BMCX/2

Stabilizer Flybar Set:BMCX2/T,FXH,MH-35

Landing Skid and Battery Mount Set: BMCX/2

Hardware Set: BMCX/2,FHX,MH-35

5-n-1 Control Unit, Rx/Sx/ESCs/Mxr/Gyro: BMCX2

Replacement LED set (3): BMCX2

Motor with Pinion, Clockwise: BMCX2,FHX,MH-35

Note: Lower Rotor Blade Motor

Motor with Pinion,Counterclockwise:BMCX2,FHX,MH-35

Note: Upper Rotor Blade Motor

Inner Shaft with Head/Hub: BMCX/2,FHX,MH-35

Swashplate: BMCX2,FHX,MH-35

Servo Pushrod Set: BMCX2

Lower Main Blade Set (1 pair): BMCX2

Upper Main Blade Set (1 pair): BMCX2

Main Frame Set: BMCX2

Complete Red Canopy with LEDs (Installed): BMCX2

Canopy Mounting Grommets (8):BMCX2/T,MSR,FHX,MCP X