Evolution Propeller 10x6



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The "Evolution Propeller 10x6" is used in the following:
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Used In...

40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler
(EVOE0401) as a Optional Accessories

10cc (.60 cu in) gas RC engine
(EVOE10GX) as a Optional Accessories

The Evolution® 10cc engine is one of the smallest 2-stroke gas engines available that provides incredible power and performance in a small size that can be operated on low-cost fuel.

Twist 40 ARF Version 2
(HAN2660) as a Completion Guides

The Twist 40 ARF is an easy to assemble sport plane with unlimited potential to perform the wildest maneuvers you can dream up.

Piper J-3 Cub 40 ARF
(HAN4000) as a Completion Guides

Piper Pawnee 40 ARF
(HAN4030) as a Completion Guides

Piper's Ag Workhorse

Pulse XT 40 ARF
(HAN4100) as a Completion Guides

Whether you’re into glow fuel or electric power, the Pulse XT 40 ARF lets you fly any way you want.