Evolution .46NX Glow Engine with Muffler



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Due Late May, 2016

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Parts Listing

Wrist Pin & Clips: E40

Prop Driver: E40, 60NX

Prop Washer & Nut: 1/4 x 28

Crankcase E46

Head Clamp: 46NX

Head Button: 46NX

Cylinder/Piston Set E46

Crankshaft (1/4x28) E46

Internal Muffler Bolt; Alpha, 40-46NT, 46-60NX

Remote NV Assm (Complete):TPS,40,46

Carburetor w/Remote Needle Valve Assembly: 52NX

Ball Bearing,Front(RBR)-S91109:A, 60NX

Ball Bearing,Rear (Open)-40110:A

Cylinder Head Shim-S46112:A

Fuel Nipple-12114:A

Carb Retainer(Drawbar)-E46129

Con Rod(Dual Bushing)40204:A

Spacer Washer, .40/46/60/120

Prop Washer-40220:A

Prop Nut(1/4 x 28)-40221:A

Engine Gasket Set-E46416:A


Note: The original 46NX muffler.

Carburetor,Complete-E46801 Alpha

Throttle Barrel-S40813:A

Throttle Barrel Spring-46814 Alpha

Idle Needle Stop Screw-46825F:A

High Speed Needle Valve-346829a

Spraybar: Evolution Alpha, 40, 46, 120

High Speed NV Ratchet-12833

Collar-E46834 Alpha

Idle Needle-E46844 Alpha:A

Idle Needle Limit Collar-E46850

Carburetor Body-E46863

Throttle Arm-E46864 Alpha

Spraybar/Bracket: Evolution Alpha, 40, 46

Screw Set,Engine-E46901:A

Muffler Mounting Screw Set:A

Carb Gasket/O-Ring Set:A

Small Parts Set, Carburetor:A

Rear Cover with Gasket-E46102: A

Muffler Assembly: 8GX

Note: There was a running change in production and this is now the muffler included with the 46NX