Evolution .60NX Engine with Muffler



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Due Late May, 2016

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Optional Accessories

Sport Propeller, 10 x 7

Sport Propeller,10 x 8

Pitts Muffler: 40NT,EVO52NX,60NX

Metered Glow Driver with 2600mAhNi-MH & Charger

8mm Muffler Extension EVO 40NT/46/52/60NXOS

13mm Muffler Extension EVO 40NT/46/52/60NXOS

High Performance Tuned Muffler: EVO 46-60

The Evolution® 46-60 maximizes the performance of our 46-52 and small case 60-size engines through the use of mini pipe technology to boost your glow engine's horsepower.

Electric Fuel Pump

Another flying field essential from Hangar 9.

Fuel Filler with "T" & Overflow Fitting

Glow Plug Locking Socket, Medium

Hangar 9's Glow Plug Locking Socket.

Ultra Fuel Pump (Manual Gas & Glow)

Micro Digital Tachometer

PowerPro 12V Starter

Get planes, boats, helis and cars started quickly and conveniently.

Starter Source with 1.3Ah Gel Cell

130mA Charger: Starter Source

Long Reach Glow Plug Wrench

Hangar 9's Long Reach Plug Wrench.

Remote Glow Plug Adapter