20GX 20cc (1.20) Gas/Petrol Engine



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Optional Accessories

Evolution/MVVS 26GT, GT2, GX 1.6 Pitts

Inverted Muffler Evolution 26GT/MVVS 1.6

EVO/MVVS 26 GT, GT2, GX 1.6 Sport

Inverted Round-Cowl Muffler: Evolution 20cc (1.20)

Evolution Propeller 16x6

Muffler, Side Mount: 20/33GX

Optical Ignition Kill Switch

Medium Gas-FKM Fuel Tubing (1Meter)

Evolution Locking Fuel Can Cap

Evolution 2-Cycle Oil, Synthetic, Quart

Fuel Filler with "T" & Overflow Fitting

Ultra Fuel Pump (Manual Gas & Glow)

Micro Digital Tachometer