20GX 20cc (1.20) Gas/Petrol Engine



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Parts Listing

Fuel Nipple-12114:A

Prop Washer & Nut: 91/120NX, 15/20GX

Cylinder Head Shim 2 pc: 120NX

Cylinder Screw Set (6) 120NX, 20GX/2

Piston Pin and Retainer: 120NX

Piston Ring: 120NX

Gasket Set, Engine: 120NX

Rear Bearing; 91/120NX, 15/20GX

Throttle Arm 15/20GX

Carburetor Retainer 91NX

Back Cover Screw (4) 120NX/20GX

Front Bearing; 91/120NX, 10/15/20GX

Drive Key; 91/120NX, 10/15/20GX

Spacer Washer; 91/120NX, 10/15/20GX

Medium Gas-FKM Fuel Tubing (1Meter)

Inline Fuel Filter

In-Tank Fuel Filter/Clunk

Ignition Unit 10GX, 15GX, 20GX

Igntion Sensor Set 10GX

Spark Plug 1/4-32

Carb Barrel Spring 10GX

Regulator Case Parts 15/20GX

Carb Regulator Screws (4) 10/15/20GX

Carb Gasket Set 15/20GX

Carb Assy 15GX

HiSpeed NV Assmbly 15/20GX

Throttle Barrel 15/20GX

Main Carb Body 15GX, 20GX

HiSpeed Needle 15/20GX

Low Speed Ajustment 15/20GX

Crankcase 20GX

Back Cover Set 20GX

Cylinder Head 20GX

Cylinder 20GX

Connecting Rod 20GX

Crankshaft 20GX

Ringed Piston 20GX

Drive Washer 20GX

Wraparound In Cowl Muffler Assembly 20GX

Muffler Mount Screw Set 20GX/2,33GX

Muffler Gasket Set 20/33GX (2)

Carb Barrel Retaining Bolt 15/20GX

Carb Mount Gasket Set 15/20GX