Evolution 26GX (1.6) Gas Engine



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Optional Accessories

Evolution/MVVS 26GT, GT2, GX 1.6 Pitts

Inverted Muffler Evolution 26GT/MVVS 1.6

Spark Plug: Small Cap NGK5812 CM6 (10x8.6)

Exhaust Adapter, 26GT/2 (1.6)

Tuned Silencer, 26GT (1.6)

Radial Mount(Blue):EVO26GT/GT2/GX

Muffler, Inverted, Wraparound EVO26GT/GT2/GX

Muffler Wraparound EVO26G with Smoke

Muffler, Side Mount: 20/33GX

Silencer System,Complete:26GT/GT2/GX

Evolution 2-Cycle Oil, Synthetic, Quart

Blue Block After Run Oil Refill Bottle 4.5 oz

Micro Digital Tachometer

Ultra Motor Mount: .61-2.2

The Ultra Engine Mount can be used with a wide variety of engine sizes; from .58 2-strokes all the way up to big 1.50 four-strokes. With this mounting system, there is no drilling and tapping necessary.