Cessna 182 Skylane 95" ARF



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Completion Guides—Advanced

Silicone Fuel Tubing, 2', Medium

Antenna Housing,36" (24)

Protective Foam Rubber Sheet, 1/4"

Crash protection!

Evolution Gas Start Kit

Evolution 3 Wire Ignition/RX Switch

Y-Harness 6-inch/Reverser Heavy-Duty

Fuel Filler with "T" & Overflow Fitting

Pro Fuel Filter: Gas, Glow

Protect your engine with Hangar 9's gold anodized 2-piece fuel filter. Made from machined aluminum, this filter is perfect for both gas and glow fuels.

Servo Extension 12-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Servo Extension 24-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Large Arms/Horns w/Screws

MatchBox Servo Matching/Power System

Extra Receiver Pack 2500mAh 4.8v NiCd Flat

R649 9-Ch PCM Receiver 50/53/72

The R649 is a high-performance PCM single-conversion receiver with ABC&W circuitry.

R700 7 Channel FM Slimline 72MH

Don't let the small size of JR's 700 Rx fool you into believing they aren't also incredibly sophisticated. JR's patented ABC&W technology processes the signal received at the speed of light through a series of increasingly small electronic windows.

Self-Stick Chassis Weight, 3 oz

ZAP Z-7 Debonder, 1 oz

ZAP 5 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz

ZAP 30 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz

ZAP Z-42 Thread Lock, .20 oz

ZAP Formula 560 Canopy Glue

180B (New Case) AAC w/Muffler : BK

DX6i 6CH DSMX Radio System with AR610 Receiver

G26 Air Engine (1.55 cu in)

If you’re looking to spice up the performance check out the new G-26.