P-47 Thunderbolt 60 ARF



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Recommended power systems for “Electric Convertible*” HANGAR 9 models:

P-47 Thunderbolt 60 ARF
Motor: E-flite Power 60 (EFLM4060A)

ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix 80 (CSEPHX80; Standard settings with 18V Soft LiPo cutoff and no brake)

Prop: APC 15x10E (APC15010E)

Battery: Thunder Power Pro Lite 6000mAh 6S3P (THP60003S3PPL x2 in series)

Flying Weight w/Battery: 8.8 lb

Amps Volts Watts Input Watts/Pound RPM
56.0 21.3 1195 136 7375

This power system setup delivers an excellent balance of thrust and top speed for the P-51. Average duration is approximately 8–15 minutes depending on throttle management.

*Conversion may require some minor airframe modifications along with installation of motor mount and motor, electronic speed control, battery tray and battery packs.

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