P-51 Mustang MkII PTS RTF



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Required to Complete

Fuel (10%–15% nitro content)
Glow Plug Wrench (HAN2510)
Glow Plug Igniter with Charger (HAN7101)
Glow Plug (HAN3001/3006)
Manual Fuel Pump (HAN118)
Flat blade screwdriver
Hex wrench: 3/32 in or 2.5mm
Felt-tipped pen
Adjustable wrench
Phillips screwdriver

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Evolution Trainer Power System: A

Engine, spinner, prop, glow plug—it's all there and designed specifically to get a beginner pilot into the air quickly and easily. Just 2 or 3 flips of the prop, and it's running smoothly and quietly.

DX6i DSMX 6-Channel Full-Range without Servo MD2

The DX6i takes 6-channel computer radios to a whole new level.