B-25J Mitchell ARF



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Required to Complete

For 2-Stroke Glow Power:
- (2) Evolution 40NX 2-Stroke Glow Engine with Mufflers
- 6-Channel or more Radio System
- (8) JR Digital Sport Hi-Torque DS821 Servos or JR Sport High-Torque ST126MG Servos
- (2 or 3) JR 331 Micro Servos (JRPS331) if adding optional retracts
- (2) 3/4" Spinner nut 1/4-28 threads (TRU7A140)
- (2) 10.5 x 4 3-Blade Propller (EVOE100P) to 11 x 4 2-Blade (APC11040)
- Charge Switch (JRPA004)
- 2400mAh Ni-Cd 5-cell Receiver Pack (JRPB4470)

For Electric Power:
- (2) Power 46 BL outrunner motors
- (2) 60-amp ESC
- (2) Thunder Power 4S 14.8V 3850mAh to 4200mAH Li-Po
- 6-channel or more Radio System
- (6) JR Digital Sport Hi-Torque DS821 Servos or JR Sport High - Torque ST126MG Servos
- (2 or 3) JR 331 Micro Servos (JRPS331) if adding optional retracts
- (2) 3/4" Spinner Nut 5/16–24 threads (TRU7C516)
- (2) 13 x 8E Propeller (APC13080E)

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Completion Guides—2-cycle set up

Sport Propeller,11 x 4

Note: 2-Blade sport prop; 2 required

Evolution 3 Wire Ignition/RX Switch

40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler

Evolution Power System, Propeller: A

Note: 3-Blade scale prop; two required

B25 Robart Retracts with Struts & Installation Kit

Note: B-25 Tricycle gear with struts & air install kit.

B-25 Robart Retracts & Oleo Struts Only

Note: B-25 Tricycle retracts w/ struts only

Extra Receiver Pack 2500mAh 6.0V NiCd Flat

DS388 Digital Micro MG Servo

The JR 388 is the latest update for JR. Base on customer input from the popular 378 design the new vertical mounting tabs were developed allowing it to be mounted vertical in skinny fuselarges

Note: Two micro servos are required (three if using retracts)

DS821 Digital Sport High Torque Servo

JR’s DS821 Digital Sport high-torgue design, features Above average torque (72 oz-in) and a longer-lasting gear train.

6-inch Y-Harness

Note: Three 6" Y-harnesses are needed (Four if using flaps)

24-inch Servo Extension

6-inch Servo Extension

Note: Two 6" servo extensions are needed

18-inch Servo Extension

Note: Four 18" servo extensions are required

DX8 System with AR8000 + TM1000 No SX MD2

A-Style Prop Nut,3/4 x 1/4-28

Note: Two prop nuts are required