89" Carden Edition Yak 54 ARF (3 Boxes)



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Required to Complete

7-channel computer radio system (minimum)

2 - 24" Servo Extensions (JRPA102)

2 - Switch Harnesses (JRPA001 or JRPA004)

2 - 12" Servo Extensions (JRPA098)

3 - 9" Servo Extensions (JRPA097)

5 - Hi-Torque metal-geared servos (JRPS8411, 8611a, 8711)  Note: Only metal-geared servos of at least 180 oz-in of torque should be used on the control surfaces.

4 - Large single servo arms (JRPA236)

1 - Large double servo arm (JRPA237)

1 - Choke ring for throttle servo (JRPA029)

1 - 2700mAh or larger battery for receiver

1 - 1500mAh or larger battery for ignition (4.8–6.0V for DA, 2-cell Li-Po for EVO)

MatchBox (JRPA900) if you are not mixing the elevator servos through the transmitter

45–60cc engine (Evolution 50GX, 58GX2, or a DA 50)

23 x 8 Propeller

3-1/2" to 4" Spinner (TRUTT4003B)

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Optional Accessories

Gas Conversion Stopper

Fuel Tank, 24 oz

Note: Replacement for stock fuel tank. Use with DUB400

Tygon Gas Tubing,3' Large


Evolution 3 Wire Ignition/RX Switch

Deluxe Switch Harness, Gold

Note: Can substitue JRPA004

JR Chargeswitch

Note: Can substitute JRPA001

RF Filter: Ring Style (2)

Note: For Throttle servo lead

Servo Extension 9-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Servo Extension 12-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Servo Extension 24-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

1-1/2-inch Single Side Alum Adj Spline Servo Arm

Adjustable Spline Servo Arms

3-in Double Side Alum Adjustable Spline Servo Arm

Adjustable Spline Servo Arms

MatchBox Servo Matching/Power System

Note: For the two elevator servos if not mixing in the transmitter.

DS8711 Ultra Torque Servo

JR's DS8711 Digital Ultra-Torque Metal Gear Servo for aircraft use. Legendary precision, speed and torque, with added heat sink for protection.

DX8 Transmitter System MD2 with AR8000 Receiver

DX8 System with AR8000 + TM1000 No SX MD2