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You don't need anything to get your Super Cub airborne. Just charge the included battery pack while attaching the wing, vertical tail stab and landing gear, and load the AA batteries into the transmitter. Before you know it, you'll be ready to go.

The Super Cub is supported by a full set of replacement parts. These parts should be available at your local hobby store that sells HobbyZone products. If not, the store can order a part for you or you can order directly from us.
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Parts Listing

8.4V 1000mAh NiMHBattery:ABS,ABC,ABE,FBF,F27/B,CUB

DC Peak Charger (1.2 Amps)

Transmitter Antenna: All HBZ Birds/ZZR/ZZR2

This is the replacement for the transmitter antenna on the HobbyZone ZZR's and planes, and ParkZone Planes

Transmitter Battery Cover: All HBZ/PKZ 3 CH Birds

Transmitter, CH 1, 26.995: FBF, CUB

Transmitter, Channel 2 27.045: FBF, CUB

Transmitter, Channel 3 27.095: FBF, CUB

Transmitter, Channel 4 27.145: FBF, CUB

Transmitter, Channel 5 27.195: FBF, CUB

Transmitter, Channel 6 27.255: FBF, CUB

Prop Shaft with Hardware: Cub

Landing Gear with Tires: Cub

Spinner: Cub

Decal Sheet: Cub

Battery Door with Latch: Cub

Firewall with Screws: Cub

Instructional Video CD: Cub

Tail Wheel: Cub

Standard Wing with Struts: Cub

Control Horns (2): Cub

Wing Struts with Screws: Cub

2-Wing Hold-Down Rods with Caps: Cub

Complete Tail with Accessories: Cub

Cowl: Cub

Rubber Bands (6): Cub

Pushrods and Clevis Set (2): Cub

Complete Gearbox: Cub

AC Delta Peak Charger: 8.4V-9.6V

Note: Peak charges 7 and 8 cell batteries (HBZ1013, PKZ1023). Charges 7 cell at 500mAh, 8 cell at 400mAh.

Motor with Pinion: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 1: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 2: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 3: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 4: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 5: Cub

ESC/Receiver, CH 6: Cub

Fuselage, CH 1, 26.995: Cub

Fuselage, CH 2, 27.045: Cub

Fuselage, CH 3, 27.095: Cub

Fuselage, CH 4, 27.145: Cub

Fuselage, CH 5, 27.195: Cub

Fuselage, CH 6, 27.255: Cub

Bare Fuselage w/o Receiver: Cub

Propeller: P-51D, FW-190, HBZ CUB, SPT

Servo Gear Set (3W & 5W)

Mini Servo (5W) with Arms, Short Lead

Servo Arm Assortment (3W & 5W)

Pinion(2): P-51D, FW-190 Cub

Motor Screws (2):P-51D, FW-190, CUB (M2.5x6)