Vibe 50 3D Pro Heli Kit: V3D



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HG Aluminum Swash Control Lever B: V3D

HG Aluminum Tail Boom Holder: V3D

HG Aluminum Horizontal Fin Clamp: V3D

HG Aluminum Swash Control Base: V3D

ASG Cooling Fan: V3D

Aluminum Swash Control Arm: V3D

HG Aluminum Swash Control Arm Assembly : V3D

ASG Main Rotor Grip with Pitch Arm: V3D

ASG Flybar Arm A: V3D

ASG Tail Pitch Control Lever Set: V3D

Carbon Main Frame Set L/R: V3D

Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Set, Vibe 50 3D

The Vibe 50 3D Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Set comes with all components and hardware to convert your JR Vibe 50 3D heli from the standard flybar head configuration to flybarless. Electronics not included.

CNC Main Blade Grip w/Mixing Arms, Silver: Vibe 50

Precision CNC Aluminum Head Button, Silver:Vibe 50

Aluminum Canopy Mount, Silver: Vibe 50

Precision CNC Hiller Control Levers,Silver:Vibe 50

Precision CNC Upper Mixing Arms, Silver: Vibe 50