Servo Case: 8711, 8711R, 8900G, 9100T



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Due Early May, 2016

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The "Servo Case: 8711, 8711R, 8900G, 9100T" is used in the following:
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DS8711 Ultra Torque Servo
(JRPS8711) as a Parts Listing

JR's DS8711 Digital Ultra-Torque Metal Gear Servo for aircraft use. Legendary precision, speed and torque, with added heat sink for protection.

DS8900G Ultra Speed Servo
(JRPS8900G) as a Parts Listing

The JR DS8900G Ultra Speed Gyro Servo will make any heli hold better.

Servo Metal Gear Set: 8611,8611A,9000T,8711,9100T
(JRPSG8611) as a Optional Accessories

Metal Gear Set for JR 8611, 8611R, 8611A, 8611AR, 9000T, 8711, 8711R, 9100T Ultra Torque Servos

Servo Gear Set: 8900G
(JRPSG8900G) as a Optional Accessories

Gear Set for the JR 8900G Ultra Speed Gyro Servo