Z4800T High Torque Servo



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Optional Accessories

Servo Extension 3-inch Standard, Gold

Servo Extension 6-inch Standard, Gold

Servo Extension 9-inch Standard, Gold

Servo Extension 12-inch Standard, Gold

Servo Extension 18-inch Standard, Gold

Servo Extension 24-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Servo Extension 36-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Servo Extension 48", Heavy Duty Gold

HD Servo Arm/Horn Set 17/20mm (3)

HD Servo Horns/Arms (2)

Aluminum Servo Horn/Arm: DS168

1-1/2-inch Single Side Alum Adj Spline Servo Arm

Adjustable Spline Servo Arms

3-in Double Side Alum Adjustable Spline Servo Arm

Adjustable Spline Servo Arms

Z4800T Coreless High-Torque Surface

The Z4800T Coreless High-Torque Metal Gear Servo offers 162 oz/in of torque and a composite hard-coated metal gear train for racers on an analog servo budget. Great for 1/8 and 1/10 Cars.

Servo Arm, HD: AIR, JR, KO 23 Spline Drive

Servo Saver:AIR,JR,KO 23 Spline Drive

Lg Small End Servo Saver:23,24,25 Spline Drive

Servo Arm,HD:HRC 24 Spline Drive