Desert Buggy XL: 1/5th 4WD RTR



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Required to Complete

87–93 Octane Gasoline
2-Cycle Oil
Gas Can
Battery Charger

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Optional Accessories

Mini Infrared Thermometer/Temp Gun

Mini Infrared Thermometer

Silicone Differential Fluid, 1000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 2000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 3000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 5000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 7000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 10,000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 30,000 wt

Silicone Differential Fluid, 50,000 wt

7.4V 4000mAh 2S 15C LiPo Receiver Pack: DBXL

Charger Lead with Rx Connector

Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC/DC Charger

2 Cycle Oil, 100cc: 5IVE-T

High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil, 282cc


Dynamite Clutch Tool, 1/5th CY/ZEN Engines

Charger Lead with Receiver Connector

Body Panels, Clear, Complete: 1:5 4WD DBXL

Servo Saver Bottom, Aluminum: DBXL

Front Top Plate, Aluminum: DBXL

Front Chassis Brace, Aluminum: DBXL

Rear Chassis Brace, Aluminum: DBXL

19T, 21T, Pinion Gear: 1:5 4wd DBXL

Front Spindle Set, Aluminum: DBXL

Front Spindle Carrier Set, Aluminum: DBXL

Rear Hub Set, Aluminum: DBXL

Losi Tuning Screwdriver

Added bonus, no more burned finger tips

Camber Gauge

Ride Height Gauge

Wheel Nuts, Captured (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Blue (2): 5IVE-T

Wheel & Beadlock Set, White (2), 5T

Wheel & Beadlock Set, Black (2), 5T

Wheel & Beadlock Set, Flo Yellow (2), 5T

Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Flo Wht (2): 5T

TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

Shock O-ring Grease, 8cc

29cc Single Gas Engine w/clutch