1/8 Raminator Monster Truck



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Required to Complete

• Fuel – Losi Nitrotane™ 20% Nitro Fuel (LOSF0020 Quart, LOSF0120 Gallon)
• Fuel Bottle – 500cc Fuel Bottle (LOSB5201)
• Glow Driver – Glow Driver and Charger (LOSB5221)
• 6V Rechargeable Receiver Pack & Charger (LOSB9949)
• 4 AA Batteries (for transmitter)


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LST/Aftershock Performance Upgrade Kit

Now owners of R/C Car Actions “Truck Of the Year” can take their LST or Aftershock Monster Truck to the next level with the new LST/Aftershock Performance Upgrade Kit.

Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit: LST/2, XXL/2

Heavy-Duty Chassis Plate,HardAnod:LST,LST2,AFT,MGB

HD Chassis Skid Plate, Hard Anod: LST,LST2,AFT,MGB

HD Chassis Top Plate, Hard Anod: LST, LST2,AFT,MGB

HD Front Bottom Plate, Hard Anod: LST,LST2,AFT,MGB

HD Rear Bottom Plate, Hard Anodized: LST/2,AFT,MGB

HighPerformance Chassis Plate, Graph:LST/2,AFT,MGB

High-Perf Skid Plate, Hard Anodized: LST/2,AFT,MGB

High-Performance Top Plate, Graphite:LST/2,AFT,MGB

Hi-Perf Front Bottom Plate,Hard-Anod:LST/2,AFT,MGB

Hi-Perf Rear Bottom Plate,Hard-Anod: LST/2,AFT,MGB

Wing Mounts, Plastic: LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Body, Aluminum, Blue: LST, LST2,AFT,MGB

Shock Cap, Aluminum, Blue: LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Body, Aluminum, Red: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Shock Cap, Aluminum, Red: LST, LST2,AFT, MGB

Shock Body, Aluminum, Gold: LST, LST2,AFT,MGB

Shock Cap, Aluminum, Gold: LST, LST2,AFT, MGB

Shock Body & Cap Set, Red (4): LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Shock Body & Cap Set, Gold (4):LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Threaded Shock Body Hard Anodized: LST/2. AFT, MGB

Shock Adjuster Nut, Blue: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Alum.Shock Body/Adjust Set, Threaded:LST/2,AFT,MGB

Shock Shaft, TiNi: LST/2, XXL/2

Assembled Shock with Spring (1): LST2, AFT, MGB

Shock Pivot Ball,Hard Anodized (4): LST/2,AFT,MGB

Shock Spring, White 4.0 (pr): LST, LST2, AFT

Shock Spring, Black 6.0 (pr): LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Spring, Yellow 7.4 (pr): LST/2, XXL/2

Forward Only Transmission Conv Kit: LST/2, XXL/2

Inside Gear Cover: LST2, XXL/2

Clutch Shoe & Spring Set, Alum(3): LST/2, AFT, MGB

Team Losi now offers a high-performance aluminum clutch shoe & spring set for their LST Monster Truck.

Clutch Bell, 2-Speed: LST, MGB

18T Pinion, Low Gear: LST, MGB

18T Pinion, Low Gear, Steel, TiNi: LST, MGB

25T Pinion, High Gear: LST, MGB

25T Pinion, High Gear, Steel, TiNi: LST, MGB

2-Speed Low Gear Hub with 1-Way: LST, LST2

2-Speed High Gear Hub with Bearing: LST, LST2, MGB

70T Spur Gear, Low Gear: LST/2, XXL/2

63T Spur Gear, High Speed: LST/2, XXL/2

2-Speed Gear Conversion, Steel, TiNi: LST, MGB

70T Spur, Low Speed, Steel, TiNi: LST, LST2, MGB

Drive Rings, 70T Spur Gear (2): LST, LST2, MGB

Wheel Hex Set, Hard Anodized (4): LST, AFT, MGB

20mm Aluminum Wheel Hex (2):LST2, MUG, MGB

20mm Wheel Hex Nut Set (2 ea.): LST2, MUG, MGB

17mm Hex Adapter Set (4): LST2, MUG

Heavy-Duty Differential Case: 8, 8T, LST2, XXL/2

Aluminium Diff Case,Polished: LST/2, AFT, MUG, MGB

Aluminum Differential Case, Blue:LST/2,AFT,MUG,MGB

Front/Rear Diff Ring & Pinion, TiNi: LST/2,AFT,MGB

Team Losi now offers what are unquestionably the toughest differential ring and pinion gears in the industry.

Pivot Balls, Hard Anodized (4): LST, LST2, AFT,MUG

Inner Hinge Pins, TiNi (2): LST/2, XXL/2

Outer Hinge Pins, TiNi (2): LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Fuel Filter, Alum, High Volume: LST/2,AFT,MUG,MGB

Finned Engine Mount, Hard Anodized: LST/2,AFT,MGB

Exhaust Header & Springs: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

ExhaustHeaderSeals&Springs: LST/2,AFT,MUG,L427,MGB

Exhaust Pipe Seals & Spring: LST,LST2,AFT,MUG,MGB

Tuned Pipe: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Tuned Pipe Mount & Hardware: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Tuned Pipe & Header, Polished: LST, LST2, AFT, MGB

Tuned Pipe & Header,Hard Anodized: LST/2, AFT, MGB

HT Tuned Pipe & Header, Polished: LST2, AFT, MGB

HT Tuned Pipe & Header, Hard Anodized:LST2,AFT,MGB

Wheels, Magneto, Chrome (2): LST, AFT, MGB

Bead Lock"Look"Wheels w/Blue Rings(2):LST,AFT,MGB

Bead Lock "Look" Wheel Rings, Red (4): LST,AFT,MGB

Bead Lock"Look"Wheel Rings, Gold (4): LST,AFT,MGB

420 ATX Tires with Foam (2): LST2, XXL/2

Foam Tire Inserts, 2-Stage: LST, LST2, MGB

Magneto Wheel with Claw Tires (pr): LST, AFT, MGB

Painted Body, Blue: LST,AFT

Painted Body, Red: LST,AFT

Body w/ Stickers & Mask: LST, AFT

LST Racer Body w/Sticker, LST2, AFT

Painted Body w/Stickers, Gray: LST2, AFT

Painted Body w/Stickers, Red: LST2, AFT

Painted Body w/Sticker, Blue: LST2, AFT

Clear Body w/Stickers & Masks: LST2, AFT

Aftershock Painted Body, Blue w/Stickers, AFT

Aftershock Body, Clear w/Stickers, AFT

Wing Kit: LST/2, XXL/2

Wing (only), Black: LST, LST2, AFT, MUG

Sticker Sheet: LST,AFT

Sticker Sheet: LST2, AFT

Sticker Sheet: AFT

Mega-Baja Sticker Sheet

6V 1100mAh NiMH Receiver Pack with BEC