5IVE-T Roller: 1/5 4WD Offroad Truck Roller



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Required to Complete

- 2.4GHz DSM® surface transmitter and receiver
- Gasoline with 2-cycle oil
- 23–29cc Gas Engine
- Tuned Pipe
- 1/5-Scale Steering Servo
- 1/5-Scale Throttle Servo
- Polycarbonate Paint
- Receiver Battery and Charger


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Parts Listing

Front Suspension Arm Set (2): 5IVE-T

Front Spindle Set (2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Front Spindle Carrier Set (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

FrontKing Pins & Arm Bushings,Alum.5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Rear Suspension Arm Set (2): 5IVE-T

Rear Hub Carrier Set (2): 5IVE-TM MINI WRC

Front Hinge Pin Brace Set,Alum:(2)5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Hinge Pin Brace Set,Alum(2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F/R Pin Mount Covers (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Hinge Pin Set (6): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Front Shock Tower: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Shock Tower: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Main Chassis Plate: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Front Transmission Case Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Transmission Case Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Bearing Inserts, Rear Diff/Trans: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Center Diff Mount Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

ServoSaver&Bellcrank Plstics(3):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Steering Post Set (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Steering Drag Link & Hardware: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Servo Saver Tube,Spring&Adjuster:5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F&R Chassis Brace & Spacer Set: 5IVE-T

Sway Bar Set & Hardware(3 ea.F&R):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Side Guard Set (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Left Cage Side: 5IVE-T

Right Cage Side: 5IVE-T

F&R Bumper Set: 5IVE-T

Front Skid Plate,Bumper Brace & Spacers: 5IVE-T

Headlight Set: 5IVE-T

Rear Bumper Brace Set (3): 5IVE-T

Front Cage Support Set (2): 5IVE-T

Center & Front Top Cage Support Set: 5IVE-T

Rear Top & Side Cage Set: 5IVE-T

Rear Cage Mount & Fender Brace Set (4): 5IVE-T

Mud Flap & Retainer Set (2): 5IVE-T

Body Mount Washers & Pads (56): 5IVE-T

Radio Tray Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Radio Tray Covers: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Front Shock Body & Adjuster (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Shock Body & Adjuster (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Shock Plastics & Balls (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Shock Rebuild/Hardware Set (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Shock Boots (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Shock Caps, Blue (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Shock Mount Set (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

NttedShockShaft&Piston Kit,Front:5IVE-T,MINI WRC

A lock nut securly holds the piston to the shock shaft. The new delrin pistons provide a tighter tolerance to the shock bodies resulting in a better wearing part that allows the shock to work smoother.

Nttd ShockShaft & Piston Kit,Rear:5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Front Springs 11.6lb Rate, Blue (2): 5IVE-T

Rear Springs 8.0 lb Rate, Blue (2): 5IVE-T

Diff Housing Set (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Internal Diff Gears & Shims (6):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Diff Seal & Hardware Set (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Front Diff Ring Gear: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Diff Ring Gear: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F/R Diff Pinion Gear, 13T: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Center Diff Spur Gear, 58T: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F/R Diff Outdrive Set (2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Center Diff Outdrive Set (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F/R Driveshaft & CV Coupler (1): 5IVE-T

CV Joints & Pins (2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

FrontCenterDriveshaft&CVCoupler:5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Center Driveshaft& CV Coupler:5IVE-T,MINI WRC

F/RCenterDrivePinionCouplerSet(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC

F/R Stub Axle & Pins (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

F/R Wheel Hex & Pin (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Wheel Nuts, Blue Anodized (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Brake Cams & Bushings (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Brake Disk, Pad & Screw Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Wheel,Shock & Multi-Wrench Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Gas Tank Mount Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Gas Tank Complete: 5IVE-T

Gas Tank Cap Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Gas Line & Clamp Set: 5IVE-T

Air Cleaner Set Complete: 5IVE-T

Air Cleaner Foam Elements (2ea): 5IVE-T

19T Pinion Gear, 1.5M & Hardware: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Spring Clip Set (14): 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

EngineMntInserts&Screws,19T(4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Steering Linkage Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Throttle/Brake Linkage Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Turnbuckle Set (6): 5IVE-T

Rod End Set (12): 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Camber&SteeringPivotBallSet(12):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

4mm BH Screw Asst. (27): 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

5mm BH Screw Asst (24): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

WheelScrewSet,3x10mm BH&Cap(20ea):5IVE-T,MINI WRC

3mm BH & Cap Screw Asst (38): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

4mm FH & Cap Screw Asst. (32): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

5mm FH & Cap Screw Asst. (24):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Rear Toe Block & Brace Screws: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

6mm BH & FH Screw Asst (20): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Set Screw Asst. 3,4,5 & 8MM (19):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Washer Assortment, 6 sizes (27): 5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Drive Pin Set (14): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Lower Shock MntngScrw Set, 5mm(6):5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Lock Nut Asst. 3,4,5,6MM (24):5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Side Cage Nut-Inserts: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Emergency Hardware Kit:5IVE-T, MINI WRC

Wheel and Beadlock Set (2): 5IVE-T

Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Black (2): 5IVE-T

Nomad Tire Set, Firm (1ea. L/R): 5IVE-T

Tire Inserts, Soft (2): 5IVE-T

Hood/Front Fenders Body Section, Clear: 5T

Cab Body Section, Clear: 5IVE-T

Body Left Fender & # Plate, Clear: 5IVE-T

Body Right Fender & # Plate,Clear: 5IVE-T

5IVE-T Sticker&Graphic Sheet Set: Black

5IVE-T Sticker & Graphic Sheet Set: White