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Required to Complete

-Glow igniter
-Nitro fuel
-Fuel bottle
-(2) 7.2V batteries for the starter box
-Approved charger(s) for receiver pack and starter box batteries

Losi recommends the following items:
LOSB5221   Aluminum Glow Driver with NiCd Battery & Charger
LOSF0120   Nitrotane Sport 20%, Quart
LOSB5201   Turbo Fueler Fuel Bottle, 500cc
LOSB9900   7.2V 3600mAh NiMH Battery Pack

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12-Degree Caster Blocks, Aluminum: 8B/8T 2.0

Aluminum Front Spindles: 8B,8T

Aluminum Front Spindle Carriers: 8B,8T

Front Shock Tower: 8B 2.0

Arm Guards: 8IGHT

Aluminum Inclined King Pin Spindle/12 Carrier Set

Aluminum Inclined King Pin Spindle

Rear Hub Carriers, Aluminum: 8B, 8T 2.0

Aluminum Inclined King Pin Spindle Carrier, 12 deg

Aluminum Inclined King Pin Spindle Carrier, 10 deg

Rear Shock Tower: 8B 2.0

Front Hinge Pin Brace Set-Aluminum: 8B,8T

Rear Inner Hinge Pin Brace: 8B,8T

Rear Outer Pin Brace 3T/3A:8B,8T

Sway Bar Set: 8B 2.0

Adjustable Front Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/8T

Adjustable Rear Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/8T

Diff Housing F/R/C: 8B,8T

Center Diff 47T Spur Gear:8B,8T

Drive Pin Set: 8B/8T

Wheel Hexes (Pr) Hard Anodized: 8B,8T

Wheel Nuts & Pins (4ea): 8B,8T

Wheel Hexes (4) + 2mm Wider: 8B,8T

Wheel Hexes (4) + 1/2" Wider: 8B, 8T

Center Diff 46T Spur Gear Steel: 8B/8T

Front/Rear HD Lightened Outdrive Set (2): 8B, 8T

Center HD Lightened Differential Outdrives (2)

Center Diff 50T Spur Gear, Lightweight: 8B/8T

Center Diff 48T Spur Gear, Lightweight: 8B/8T

Front SmartDiff: 8B 2.0

Center SmartDiff: 8B 2.0

Chassis, Tuned Flex Technology +2mm: 8B 2.0

Aluminum Front Chassis Brace: 8B, 8T

Front Top Brace, Aluminum: 8B, 8T

Servo Saver Top, Aluminum: 8B/8T

Split Center Diff Mount, Aluminum: 8B/8T 2.0

Provides quick access to the center differential.

15mm Shock Shaft 4 x 50mm, TiNi (1): 8B,8T

15mm Shock Shaft 4 x 57mm TiNi (1): 8B,8T

15mm Shock Caps Top (2): 8B 8T

15mm Shock Caps Bottom (2): 8B 8T

Foam Compensator, Bladder (4): 8B 2.0EU

15mm Springs 2.3" x 5.0 Rate, Black: 8B

15mm Springs 3.1' x 3.1 Rate, Green: 8B

15mm Springs 3.1" x 3.4 Rate, Black: 8B

8IGHT Screw/Nut Assortment Box

Missing hardware for your 8IGHT or 8IGHT-T?

5-40 x 20mm BHS, Left Hand Thread, 8B

Hinge Pins 4x66mm TiN: 8B (2)

Hinge Pins 4x21mm TiN: 8B (2)

8IGHT/T Bearing Box with Bearings

Body Set, Clear, w/Stickers: 8 2.0

8IGHT Wing, Black: 8B,8T

1/8 Universal Wing Kit, Yellow

For function and style

8IGHT/T Clutch Rebuild/Service Box

Flywheel & Collet, Steel, 4 Shoe: 8B, 8T

Clutch Shoes (2) Composite: 8B, 8T

Clutch Shoes, Lightened Aluminum (2): 8B, 8T

Clutch Springs, Green (4): 8B, 8T

Clutch Springs, Gold(4): 8B, 8T

Clutch Springs, Silver(4): 8B. 8T

Clutch Bell 15T: 8B, 8T

Clutch Bell 16T: 8B, 8T

High Endurance Clutch Bell, 14T: 2.0

Quick Change Engine Mount Set: 8B, 8T

8IGHT Engine Ease!

Quick Change Engine Mount Only: 8B, 8T

Ultra Fuel Tubing, 5'

Servo Arm, Aluminum: JR

Servo Arm, Aluminum: KO/AIR/SPM

Servo Arm, Aluminum: FUT

Servo Arm, Aluminum: Hitec

High-Output LiPo Regulator with Switch

High-Output LiPo Regulator without Switch

7.4V 2000mAh 2S LiPo Receiver Pack: 1/8

Lightweight, high-capacity LiPo receiver pack

Nitrotec R21 3.5cc Race Engine

Nitrotec - Performance-Engineered Nitro Racing Products

Covered 17mm Wheel Nuts, Alum: 8B/8T 2.0

Covered 17mm Wheel Nuts, Alum, Blue: 8/T 2.0

Covered 17mm Wheel Nuts, Alum, Black: 8/T 2.0

Covered 17mm Wheel Nuts, Alum, Red: 8/T 2.0