1/18 Mini-Late Model RTR



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Parts Listing

Transmission Set: Smash

Steering Set: Smash

Body Clips (10): Smash

Front Shock Set (2): Smash

Rear Shock Set (2): Smash

LSR-3000 DSM Transmitter:

MSC2000RB NiMH/LiPo ESC: Mini

MS20DS Servo: MLST/2, MMB, Slider, MB

MS20DS Servo Gear Set: MLST/2, MB, MRAM

Servo Saver: Mini-Slider

Front Bulkhead/Kickplate/Brace Set: Mini-T, MDT

Front and Rear Bulkhead Braces: Mini-Slider

Front/Rear Pivot Block Set: Mini-T, MDT

Chassis: MLM

Front/Rear Suspension Arm Set: Mini-T, MDT

Shock Tower Set: MLM

Battery Strap & Hardware: MLM

Spindle, Carrier & Hub Set: Mini-T, MDT

Steering Set: Mini-T. MDT

Camber/Steering Link Set: Mini-T

Front Bumper Set: MLM

Front Axle/Pin Brace Set: Mini-T, MDT

Suspension Hinge Pin Bag: Mini-T, MDT

E-Clips (10): Mini-T, MDT

Wheel Nuts & Drive Pins: Mini-T,MDT

Screw Set: Mini-T, Mini-Slider

Rod End/Ball Cup Set (14): Mini-T, MDT

Ball Stud Set (10): Mini-T,MDT, MLST/2, MRAM

Rear Bumper/Nerf Bar Set: MLM

Transmission Ball Bearing Set:Mini T, MLST/2, MRAM

Transmission Shaft Set: Mini-T,MDT, MLST/2, MRAM

Transmission Gear Bag: Mini-T,MDT, MLST/2, MRAM

Spur Gear Bag: Mini-T, MDT

Pinion Gear Bag: Mini-T, MDT

Body Post/Gear Cover Set: Mini-T, MDT

Outdrive/Dogbone/Rear Axle Set: Mini-T,MDT

BB Kit 4x8mm (8): Mini-T, MDT, MLST/2, MRAM

Front Wheels, (Pr): Mini-Late Model

Rear Wheels, (Pr): Mini-Late Model

Front Tires, Hard (Pr): Mini-Late Model

Rear Tires (Pr): Mini-Late Model

Front Wheels/Tires Mounted: MLM (2)

Rear Wheels/Tires Mounted: MLM (Pr)

6-Cell Battery NiMH: Mini-Slider, MLM

RX-280 Motor: MDT, Slider MB

Front Springs: Mini-Late Model

Front Shock w/Springs, Assembled (Pr): MDT

Front Shock Body Set (Pr): MDT MB

Shock Rebuild Kit (2): MDT, MB

Extended Body Mounts: Mini-T

Rear Wing: Mini-Late Model

Mini-Late Model Sticker Sheet

Mini-Late Model Graphics Sheet

Mini-Late Model Painted Body, Silver

Mini-Late Model Painted Body, Black

Mini-Late Model Painted Body, White

Mini-Late Model Painted Body, Red

SR300 3-Channel DSM Sport Surface Receiver

Simple and compact in design, the SR300 offers basic 3-channel DSM control.

Slipper Hardware Set:SLK