1/14 Mini 8IGHT RTR: Black



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Optional Accessories

Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC/DC Charger

Pinion Gear 10T, 1/8" Shaft: Mini 8IGHT

Pinion Gear 12T, 1/8" Shaft: Mini 8IGHT

Pinion Gear 14T, 1/8" Shaft: Mini 8IGHT

Pinion Gear 16T, 1/8" Shaft: Mini 8IGHT

Body Clips (6):Mini

Mini Peak AC Wall Charger: 1/18 vehicles

Cut 1/18-scale battery charging times to 60 minutes or less!

Min 8IGHT Body Set, Clear

Pinion Gear, 10T: Mini 8

Pinion Gear, 12T: Mini 8

Pinion Gear, 14T: Mini 8

Mini Plug to EC2 Charger Adapter

7.4V 2000mAh 2S 20C LiPo, Long: EC2

11.1V 1400mAh 3S 20C LiPo, Long: EC2

RC4WD RC Break-In Testing Unit

Silicone Shock Oil, 27.5wt, 2oz

Silicone Shock Oil, 30wt, 2oz

Silicone Shock Oil, 32.5 wt, 2 oz