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Required to Complete

To complete the 1/10 Slider you will need... 

1. An approved battery pack. The 1/10 Slider will accommodate 4-cell 4.8V to 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery packs ONLY with the stock electronics., A 2-cell LiPo battery pack or a 3-cell LiPo battery WILL REQUIRE optional electronics

2. A battery charger.

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Parts Listing

48 Pitch Pinion Gear,23T

Sealed BB, 3/16x3/8 (2)

LSR-3000 DSM Transmitter:

MSX Digital Servo: HRL,DT Speed T, SCT

Steering Blocks (Pr): Slider, HRL,Strike

Fr Caster Blocks: Slider, HRL,Strike

Front Suspension Arm: Slider, Strike

Upper Shock Mount Bushings: Slider, HRL,Strike

Front Axles: Slider

Front Bumper: Slider

3mm E-Clips

Screw Kit: Slider, HRL

Rear Suspension Arm: Slider

Turnbuckles: Slider

Ball Cup Set: HRL, Slider,Strike

Rear Hubs (Pr): Slider, HRL, Strike

Rear Dogbones: Slider

Fr/R Pivot Block Set: Slider, HRL

Rear Bulkhead and Front Clip: Slider

Front Shock Tower: Slider

Rear Shock Tower: Slider

Bulkhead/Kickplate Set: Slider

Front/Rear Suspension Brace: Slider, HRL

Motor Plate: Slider

Battery Hold Down: Slider

Steering Brace: Slider, HRL, Strike

Roll Cage & Side Bar Set: Slider

Transmission Mounts: Slider

Chassis: Slider

Servo Saver Plastic Parts: Slider:HRL,Strike

Servo Saver Metal Parts:Slider,Strike

Wing Braces & Mounts: Slider

Locknut Set: Slider, Strike

Shock Body Set (Pr): Slider

Short Shock Shaft: Slider

Shock Rod Ends: Slider, HRL,Strike

Shock Rebuild Kit: Slider, HRL,Strike

Short Shock Spring, Silver: Slider

Transmission Case: Slider, HRL,Strike

Bearing Holder: Slide,HRL, Strike

Gear Cover & Cap:Slider,Strike

Tranny Gear Bag: Slider, HRL, Strike

Slipper Plates (Pr): Slider, HRL,Strike

Transmission Main Shaft: Slider, HRL,Strike

8x12x3.5mm Ball Bearing (2)

3x6x2.5mm Ball Bearing (2)

Slipper Rebuild Kit: Slider, HRL, Strike

Spur Gear 86T: Slider, HRL, Strike

Spur Gear 88T: Slider, HRL,Strike

Spur Gear 90T: Slider, HRL, Strike

Idler Gear, Aluminum: Slider, HRL, Strike

Rear Axle Drive Pins & Spacers: Slider, HRL

Rear Axles (Pr): Slider, HRL,Strike

Differential Outdrive Set: Slider, HRL, Strike

Differential Pin/Idler Shaft Set:Slider,HRL,Strike

Hinge Pin Set (10): Slider, HRL, Strike

Front Wheel, Chrome (Pr): Slider

Rear Wheel, Chrome (Pr): Slider

Wheel Cover: Slider

Front Tire (Pr): Slider

Rear Tire (Pr): Slider

Front Wheel, Mounted, Chrome (Pr): Slider

Rear Wheel, Mounted, Chrome, (Pr): Slider

Painted Body, Black: Slider

Painted Body, White: Slider

Header Set, Chrome: Slider

Sticker Sheet: Slider

MSC12SL 12T High-Power Forward/Reverse ESC

1/10 LM-32K Motor

SR300 3-Channel DSM Sport Surface Receiver

Simple and compact in design, the SR300 offers basic 3-channel DSM control.

Silicone Shock Oil, 25wt, 2 oz