1/8 Ultra LX-2E Rolling Chassis 4WD Buggy



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Required to Complete

- Transmitter/Reciever
- Servo
- Brushless Speed Control
- Brushless Motor
- 7.4V Li-Po and charger

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Parts Listing

1/8 High Downforce Buggy Wing, White

Fr/R Gear Case:GTLX,GTP2e

Joint Cap, Long

Spur Gear,Red Nylon

Gear, Bevel

Misc Bevel Mounting Hardware

Pinion Gear:Ultra GT/W-GT,Blazer, LX1e

Fr Arm Plate Holder,Upper/Lower

Front Bumper: Ultra GT

R Wing Mount:Ultra GT/W-GT

Ball End w/Collar, 6mm Anti-Roll Kit

R Arm Holder Cover: GT, W-GT

Steering End,Plastic:Ultra GT/W-GT

6mm Ball, Steel w/o Collar

Bearing, 7x19mm (6):Ultra GT/W-GT

Rear Shock Tower: LX1,LX1e

Arm, Fr Lower:LX1

Servo Horn Heavy Duty, Blk: SCRT10

Servo Saver Set, Plastic, LX1, LX1e

CNC Motor Mount: LX1e

Chassis, Hard Coated: LX1e

Diff Case, FR/R K Type Repl: MBX

Gear, Bevel, Silver,4mm: RTR

Cross Pin 4.0mm,2pcs

Misc Parts, STD and (K) Diff

Body, Clear: ULTRA LX2e

Body Clip,1/8,Large,Chrome

Front and Rear Lower Arms

Fr Upper Arms (2)

Bearing, 8x16mm, Knuckles (pr)

Pin,2.5 x 17mm,Hex Hubs:Ultra GTP

R Up-Right Axles, 8mm (2): TITAN

Dogbone Axles,R,8mm:Ultra MBX,RTR


Rear Arm Pins,3mm(4pcs)

Arm Pins 4mm: LX1,LX1e

Steering Ball End,7mm:World II (8)

4x46mm Turnbuckles,(4)

Ball, 7mm: 9.5, MBX

5x40mm Turnbuckles, Black(2)

Pins, Body (10): SCRT10

Turnbuckles, 3x36mm (2): LD3

Balls, 7mm (4)

Cone,Alum 3mm (4)

Shafts, FR Shocks (2):ULTRA MBX

R Shock Shaft:9.5 (2pc)

Covers, Shock Shafts, Silicone, 4pc

Ball End, Plastic, Rear Upper Arm

Knuckle Arm, Left & Right

Knuckle Bushing Arm

King Pin Screw: X1CR

Front C Hub: X1CR

Wheel Nut, 17mm

Plastic Shock Parts Set

Shock Piston, 16mm

Repair Kit For 16mm Shock

Pressure Top, 16mm, Orange