Endeavor Sailboat EP 2.4GHz RTR



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Required to Complete

4 AA batteries for the transmitter.

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Parts Listing

Hangar 9 RTF Standard Replacement Servo

7.2V 1200mAH 2/3A NiMH Battery

Pushrod EZ Connector: S24, S36, EDVR

Rigging Line Clips (10): S24, S36, EDVR

Sail Luft Rings(6): S24, S36, EDVR

Pushrod Nylon Clevis: S24, S36, EDVR

Sail Boom Screw and Eyelet: S24, S36, EDVR

Parts Tree: Sanibel 36, EDVR

Rigging Line (20 M): Sanibel 36, EDVR

Hull Only: EDVR

Hatch: EDVR

Mast Set: EDVR

Boom Set: EDVR

Drive Shaft Set: EDVR

Plastic Parts Set: EDVR

Rudder: EDVR

Pushrod Set: EDVR

Sails: EDVR

Power Switch: EDVR

Wiring Harness: EDVR

Boat Stand: EDVR

Propeller: EDVR

Motor: Mini-V,C, EDVR

(MS113DS) Digital Servo: Pro Boat

MR200 Marine 2.4GHz 2-Ch Sport Receiver

2-channel sport version of the popular MR3000 marine receiver

DX2M 2Ch DSM Stick Surface Tx Only