Blackjack 26 Nitro Catamaran RTR



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Required to Complete


Glow driver
fuel bottle
12 “AA” batteries
7.2V battery pack and Charger

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Completion Guides—Recommended

Metered Glow Driver with 2600mAhNi-MH & Charger

Fast Fill Fuel Bottle, 500cc

Dynamite's Fast Fill Fuel Bottle features a tight, leak-free lid and spout that allows for easier and cleaner refills.

Note: Not needed if using DYN2009 Fuel Spout

Fast Tap Quart Bottle Spout

Blue Thunder Sport 20%, Quart

Nitro Wrench

Gas R/C racers can install and remove glow plugs from their engines with ease, speed, and style with the Dynamite Nitro Wrench.

Fuji AA Alkaline Battery (4)

Note: 12 AA's required

Mini Engine Tuning Screwdriver

For hard to reach low-end needle adjustments.