Blackjack 55: 55-inch Gas Powered Bind-N-Drive Catamaran

Blackjack 55 Catamaran BND with G26



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Required to Complete

Spektrum DSM2 Marine compatible transmitter
Fuel (Gasoline & 2-Cycle Oil Blend)
Fuel Bottle

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Parts Listing

2.74" x 4.2" Bronze Alloy Propeller

Water Outlet & Nut: SW36, TC31

This water outlet & nut are used in the ShockWave 26, 36, 55, the Blackjack 26SS, 26BL, 55, the Thundercat 31, Apache, Miss Elam, Formula FASTech, and the WindowMaker.

Drain Plug

Prop Drive Dog: 1/8 Hydro SW55S/BJ55

Prop Shaft: 1/8 Gas

Prop Nut: 1/8 Hydro

Water Pump and Bracket

Servo Tray:SW55SS BJ55

Radio Box Cover:SW55SS BJ55

Fuel Tank:SW55SS BJ55

Kill Switch

Motor Mounting Plates:SW55SS BJ55

Manifold Cooling Plate

Manifold:SW55SS BJ55

Throttle Cable:SW55SS BJ55

Radio Box:SW55SS BJ55

Vibration Dampener:SW55SS BJ55

Tuned Pipe:SW55SS BJ55

Pushrod Bellow:SW55SS BJ55

Rudder Pushrods:SW55SS BJ55

Receiver Switch Mount:SW55SS BJ55

Flexshaft:SW55SS BJ55

PTFE Liner:SW55SS BJ55

Rudder:SW55SS BJ55

Cooling Tubing:SW55SS BJ55

Ball Linkage Set:SW55SS BJ55

Clutch:SW55SS BJ55

Clutch Shoes:SW55SS BJ55

Clutch Spring(2):SW55SS BJ55

Clutch Bearing:SW55SS BJ55

Nylon Bushing Set:SW55SS BJ55

Exhaust Spring:SW55SS BJ55

Throttle Cable Mount:SW55SS BJ55

Fuel Tank Straps:SW55SS BJ55

Stuffing Box:SW55SS BJ55

Exhaust O-Ring Set: ProBoat

Clutchbell: ProBoat

Hull Only: BJ55

Canopy: BJ55

Exhaust Port (Red): BJ55

Mounting Nut Red (2): BJ55

Rudder Strut/ Bracket (Red): BJ55

Rudder Control Arm (Red): BJ55

Prop Strut/Bracket (Red): BJ55

Hull Handle (2): BJ55

Wing: BJ55

Decal: BJ55

Antenna Mount: PRB