Volere: 22-inch RTR Scale Boat

Volere 22 EP 2.4GHz RTR



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Parts Listing

12V DC 6-7 Cell Peak Charger: Tamiya

Pro Boat's 12V DC 6-7 Cell Peak Charger: Tamiya Connector

Nylon Propeller Washer: 8x3x1.5mm

8.4V 2/3A 1600mAh NiMH Battery: Volere

Front Seat: Volere

Windshield: Volere

Steering Wheel: Volere

30 amp ESC with Reverse: Volere w/ Tamiya Plug

550-size Motor: Volere

Motor Mount: Volere

Propeller with Drive Dog: Volere

Cooling System: Volere

Rear Hatch Cover: Volere

Rudder with Linkage: Volere

Hull with Motor and Rudder Installed: Volere

Boat Stand: Volere

Decal Sheet: Volere

Motor Couplerft)m(Motor)/3mm(Flexshaft)

Driveshaft with Stuffing Box: Volere

Hull Accessories: Volere

Pistol-Grip Transmitter Only 2.4

(MS113DS) Digital Servo: Pro Boat

MR200 Marine 2.4GHz 2-Ch Sport Receiver

2-channel sport version of the popular MR3000 marine receiver