ShockWave 26 Brushless RTR



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4 AA Batteries
Battery Pack

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Parts Listing

Propeller, Comp, 1.34x1.5x1/8 shaft

Water Outlet & Nut: SW36, TC31

This water outlet & nut are used in the ShockWave 26, 36, 55, the Blackjack 26SS, 26BL, 55, the Thundercat 31, Apache, Miss Elam, Formula FASTech, and the WindowMaker.

3mm Prop Nut

Nylon Propeller Washer: 8x3x1.5mm

Pushrod Connector

Silicone Tubing: 1/12 hydro BJ26

Antenna Tube: 1/12 hydro, ProBoat

Rubber Boot (2): 1/12 Hydro BJ26

Propeller Shaft: BJ26

Steerable Drive Sys.: BJ26

Hull Only: SW26BL

Driveshaft with U-joint:SW26BL

Steering Pushrod: SW26BL

Decal: SW26BL

Cockpit: SW26BL

Motor Coupler: SW26BL

Canopy Seal: SW26BL

Motor Mount: BJ26BL

Turn Fin: WM

2900Kv Brushless Motor: WM

30A. 5.6V to 12.5V BL ESC with Reverse: WM

(MS113DS) Digital Servo: Pro Boat