Miss Elam 1/12 Brushless Hydro



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Required to Complete

• 8 AA alkaline batteries for the radio transmitter
• 7.2V Ni-MH Battery Pack with Deans connector (PRB3313 or PRB3314) (2)
• Twin Peak Dual Battery Charger (DYN4033)
• Tamiya/Deans adapter (PRB3312)


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Optional Accessories

Grease Gun with Marine Grease 5 oz

Marine Grease 5 oz

Pro Boat Clear Flexible Tape

BL ESC Programming Module

Note: required to change the programming of your speed control in order to use LiPo Batteries

Tamiya / Deans Charge Adapter

7.2V 5100mAh NiMH Battery w/Deans Connector