Stilleto: 29-inch Brushless Bind-N-Drive Tunnel Hull

Stiletto 29 Brushless Tunnel BND



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Required to Complete

Two 7.2V sub-C batteries or Two 7.4V 25C Li-Po batteries 
Spektrum DSM2 Marine compatible transmitter

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Completion Guides—Recommended

Prophet Sport LiPo 25W AC Charger

Affordable, easy to use LiPO/LiFe charger

Speedpk Platinum 7.4V5200mAh2S 50C LiPo Case:Deans

Dynamite Battery 1-Year Limited Warranty – ALL of our Dynamite Nickel and Lithium-chemistry rechargeable batteries are covered. See terms and conditions. (US and Canada Only)

Note: Be sure to use a PRB3311 Programming module to adjust the cutoff voltage when using Li-Po batteries to protect against over discharging the batteries

BL ESC Programming Module

DX3S 3-Channel DSM Surface Radio with Telemetry

Get up-to-the-second updates on your vehicle’s status with the DX3S transmitter.